Loloz with Cavibloc (a HealthyGrid product)

We are proud to offer our members a 25 percent discount on one of the latest innovations in the fight against cavities—a scientifically backed all-natural lollipop and lozenge called Loloz. Developed by microbiologists in the Department of Oral Biology at the UCLA School of Dentistry, Loloz with Cavibloc are proven to can significantly reduce the level of harmful bacteria known to cause cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

How do the Loloz fight tooth decay?
Cavities are the result of acidic byproducts produced by bacteria that live in the mouth. These byproducts dissolve the minerals that keep your tooth enamel hard, creating holes in surface of your teeth. Loloz lozenges and lollipops work by effectively targeting and eliminating the bacteria responsible for tooth decay while leaving healthy bacteria intact.

What about the science? 
The active ingredient in Loloz is Cavibloc, which is a licorice root extract. Lab tests conducted at the UCLA School of Dentistry show that the amount of Cavibloc in one Loloz lollipop or lozenge is sufficient to completely inhibit the growth of cavity-causing bacteria (S. mutans) found in your mouth. These tests also show that 5 minutes of incubation of Cavibloc from one Loloz is enough to kill 99.9% of S. mutans in human saliva. Loloz' mission is to help patients spend less time in the dentist's chair. To see news coverage and learn more about the science visit

Who can use the Loloz?
The original version of these innovative cavity-fighting lollipops were developed as a way to help combat childhood tooth decay. After being acquired by Dental Optimizer, the product was improved and expanded to include three flavors (orange, berry, and lemon) in both lollipop and lozenge form for people of all ages.

How do you use Loloz?
In order to keep the bacteria in check for up to 6 months, it's important that you follow the recommended protocol of two lollipops a day—one in the morning and one in the evening—for ten consecutive days. Each 20 piece box of all-natural Loloz contains a single regimen, which should be repeated once every three to six months to effectively maintain a healthy mouth.

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