Asuris Motivate

Help employees engage on their path to well-being

We know your employees are your most important asset. That's why you invest so much into attracting and retaining top talent. We also know that healthy, engaged employees perform better and tend to stay longer. Wouldn't it be nice to have simple, easy-to-follow tools and resources available to help them take the next best step in their well-being journey?

Meet Asuris Motivate

Asuris Motivate takes the guesswork out of the pursuit of well-being for your employees. Guided step by step, they'll always know what to do next to reach their goals. This new, more personalized well-being program connects with the fitness and tracking technology your employees already use, and matches them with healthy living activities to help them get—and stay—on the path to better health. Easily accessed through, our core offering is embedded in all Asuris health plans and includes:

  • Health assessment: It only takes 15 minutes to complete and the results will customize employees' well-being journey.
  • Mobile app: With our mobile app, employees have a convenient way to engage in their well-being—anytime, anywhere.
  • Device sync: Asuris Motivate works with over 100 popular fitness devices and apps—so employees can easily track their progress on healthy activities.
  • Self-guided programs: Employees can work on stress reduction, weight goals, building resiliency and much more—on their terms and at their own pace.
  • Personal challenges: Choose from over 40 challenges on topics like preventive health, walking, clean nutrition and more.
  • Helpful resources: Boost health knowledge with a library of educational materials and a personalized care checklist that employees can share with their doctor.
  • Rewards: Employees can earn up to $25 in gift cards for completing healthy activities.

Looking for more? Asuris Motivate offers additional enhanced package options. To find the best fit for your company's well-being needs, contact your Asuris account executive.