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Have questions about your health insurance, or just want to understand it better? Get answers here for everything from the basics to the fine print.

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Why your network matters

We negotiate the best prices for services within your network.

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Using your plan

Saving money


Is your plan an HDHP? Need to set up your HSA account? Here's your complete resource.

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Planning your budget

Save money, plan ahead and take advantage of all your benefits.

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Insurance 101


Here's a handy guide to common, yet often misunderstood, health insurance terms.

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Video: What's a deductible?

We explain how individual and family deductibles work.

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Member FAQ

From answers to common questions to a fair bit of fine print—it's all here.

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Video: What's a copay?

Your doctor may need a copay when you visit. Here's an explanation.

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