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Smart tools for better health

Tips and resources to help your employees save time and money—and get the best health care possible.

The benefits of registration

It's easier than ever before for employees to make informed, cost-saving health care decisions. With the helpful tools and resources on their Member Dashboard, employees can track their coverage, search for doctors in their network, access care from home or the office, get tips for healthy living and more.

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Convenient care 24/7

Telehealth—having a virtual doctor appointment over the phone or video chat—makes it easy for employees to get care anytime, anywhere. Board-certified doctors are available 24/7/365 and can diagnose, provide treatment instructions and even send a prescription to a pharmacy nearby. Virtual visits are not only convenient—they're cost-effective, too. Telehealth saves consumers an average of $100 per visit, compared to going to urgent care or the ER.

Learn about telehealth for smaller groups (1-100 employees)

Learn about telehealth for larger groups (100+ employees)

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Making smart medication choices

Empower your employees to make informed medication choices with MedSavvy®, an independent medication transparency tool created by a team of pharmacists. With report-card-style grades for effectiveness and safety, cost information and more, employees can easily compare their treatment options.

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Advantages discounts

Employees receive discounts on a variety of health-related products and services, including vision and hearing care, gym memberships, dental products and more.

Preventive care

One of the best ways employees can stay healthy is by being proactive. We cover a wide variety of preventive services including screenings, tests and immunizations.

Find a doctor

Employees can sign in and use Find a Doctor to get personalized search results for doctors, specialists, clinics and pharmacies in their network.


MedSavvy is a separate and independent company that provides prescription comparison services but does not provide Blue Cross and Blue Shield products and services, and is solely responsible for its products or services.