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How and when do employees get member ID cards?

Asuris ID cards are sent directly to the employer or to employees' homes. Employees will receive new cards each year at their renewal date if they've made any changes to their plans or changed dependent coverage. 
Cards should arrive within two weeks of the effective date, renewal date or a new employee's start-of-coverage date. If cards don't arrive on time, employees should contact Customer Service.

How can employees get temporary or replacement cards?

An employee who needs to see a provider before the new ID cards arrive or needs a replacement card can print a card by signing in to (registration required), then:
  1. On the Member dashboard, click My account.
  2. Then click Member ID cards.
  3. Follow the instructions on the page.
Cards come in sets of two. The employee who is subscribed to the insurance plan can order cards for any family member also covered in that plan. 
Employees may also call Customer Service to request a replacement card. It usually takes about two weeks to receive replacement cards. 
If an employee goes to a provider without a card and the provider will not give treatment, the employee should call Customer Service. We will give the provider the information they need so the employee can receive treatment.

Best practices for member ID cards

It's important to remind employees (and their families) that to simplify billing and reimbursement they should always carry their card with them. That way, if care is needed on the go or in case of emergency, they have the card available.