Woman and man hiking in the spring

It's tempting to leave the running shoes and exercise gear at home when you're traveling. But after working hard to fit exercise into your day-to-day life, you don't want to let a trip derail a good habit.

The key, says Asuris health coach Michelle Hill, is to come up with a plan for how you will work out while on the road. "It's just like anything, if you tell your brain something ahead of time, it's in there and loaded and you are more likely to follow through with it."

With that in mind, here are seven simple ways to stay in shape on the road.

  1. Set realistic goals. Maintaining your normal workout schedule while traveling is great! But it's OK to scale back if your trip simply is too busy. Instead of your normal 30-minute cardio workout, consider squeezing in 10 minutes of high-intensity exercise instead, like a HIIT workout, Hill says.

  2. Walk or run around town. There's no better way to get to know a new city than on foot. So lace up and hit the pavement. Apps like Map My Run can help you plan a route that lets you fit in your miles and your sightseeing, Hill recommends.

  3. Hit the hotel gym or pool. If you can, book a room at a hotel with a gym or pool for easy access to exercise equipment. If the hotel does have a gym, look online or call and ask about the equipment available so you can plan a workout if needed, says Hill.

  4. Work out in your room. Is your hotel light on amenities? Pack stretch bands, light weights or a yoga mat, so you can do strength-training in your hotel room. Or do pushups, sit-ups, lunges and light stretching. You also can download a fitness app or stream a video that can guide you through some exercise, like Pilates moves or compound exercise workouts.

  5. Drop into a local gym. If you belong to a national chain of gyms, see if you can get into one where you are visiting. As an Asuris member, you can also get a guest pass at a gym or join one through the Active&Fit Direct™ Program, which lets you choose from over 9,000 fitness centers nationwide. Or, try something new. Traveling is a great time to try something different, Hill says. Curious about AcroYoga? Want to finally try a spin class? Kickboxing, anyone? Now's your chance.

  6. Get deals on fun and healthy activities. Whether you love to bike, ski or take yoga classes, the CHP Active and Healthy Program offers significant discounts at thousands of local and national businesses. Break into a sweat—without breaking your budget.

  7. Check for nearby fitness and wellness events. From fun runs to big, convention center-worthy wellness events, many cities have activities that could get you moving and having fun, Hill says.