Large group plans

To learn more about these plans, contact your producer or call an Asuris sales executive. The summaries of benefits and coverage (SBCs) and policy booklets on this page are samples that include some placeholder text. After members enroll, we will send them policy information with their plan specifics.

Administrative services only

Versatile and customizable, our administrative services only (ASO) plans put the employer in the driver's seat. ASO plans are self-funded, meaning that the employer, rather than the insurance carrier, bears the responsibility for all claims costs.

  • Core offerings brochure 2020
  • Optional offerings brochure 2020


Asuris Classic is a customizable plan solution for groups 100+. Employees can choose between two categories of providers: in-network and out-of-network. They will receive the highest level of benefit when they see in-network providers.


Embark provides up-front coverage, personalized wellness programs, and tools and resources to make informed choices. Note: This plan is available only to renewing groups.


Vantage provides employees with personalized wellness programs, tools and resources to make informed choices. Note: This plan is available only to renewing ASO groups.

  • Summary of benefits and coverage (SBCs) 2020
  • Booklet and schedule of benefits 2020


Asuris Preferred is a customizable plan solution for groups 100+. Employees can choose among three categories of providers: preferred (category 1), participating (category 2) and non-participating (category 3). They will receive the highest level of benefit when they see providers in category 1.

HSA Healthplan

Asuris HSA Healthplan 3.0 combines a comprehensive medical plan with a separate tax-free savings account. You and your employees will enjoy the extensive benefits you've come to expect from an Asuris health plan. Plus it's an easy way for employees to save pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified medical expenses.

Dental plans

Asuris dental plans offer employees comprehensive coverage for preventive and diagnostic services along with a broad range of competitive benefit levels. They will receive the highest level of benefit when they see in-network providers. View more information about these plans.

Vision plans

The Asuris Choice Vision plan offers you and your employees comprehensive vision coverage delivered through VSP® Vision Care, a not-for-profit committed to wellness. Employees save the most on out-of-pocket expenses when they receive vision care from a VSP Choice doctor. More information about these plans is coming soon.

Asuris Motivate

Your employees are your most important asset. That's why we offer Asuris Motivate, a well-being program that can help employees be more productive and reach their health goals. It's embedded in all our plans. Learn more.