Care Management

Navigating the health care system can be a challenge, but when you're working through a health crisis, not knowing what to do can make things even harder. An advisor from Asuris Care Management can help. If you or a member of your family who is on your plan faces a serious medical situation, you'll have easy access to one-on-one support at no extra cost. Our staff, including registered nurses and clinical behavioral health specialists, is available to help you make sense of your health insurance and get the care you need.

Asuris Care Management is not insurance, but is included with your plan to help you get information and support when you need it.

How can we help you?

If your situation could benefit from our services, here's how a care manager might work with you:

  • Answer questions and provide information about your condition, illness or injury
  • Help you understand your treatment options and make decisions
  • Work with your doctors and support your treatment plan
  • Make sure you're getting the most from your health insurance

Who uses Care Management services?

Care Management provides support for a variety of medical issues, such as chronic conditions, diseases and infections, as well as behavioral health and addictions. To learn more about Care Management, call toll-free: 1 (866) 543-5765.

Case Management

Hear from Case Manager, Trish Gibson, on how Case Management can help.

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