Availity Provider Portal

Access eligibility, benefits and claims-related information for most members. Submit pre-authorization requests, access agreement documents, reimbursement schedules and other pricing documents.

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Technical support
Availity: Call 1 (800) 282-4548)
OneHealthPort: Call 1 (800) 973-4797

Availity Provider Portal

The Availity Portal allows physicians, dentists, other health care professionals and facilities secure access to:

  • Verify member eligibility and benefits
  • Submit claims and check claims status (required)
  • Enroll for electronic funds transfer (EFT) (required)
  • Submit medical pre-authorization requests using the Electronic Authorization Tool
  • View electronic remittance advice (ERA)
  • Obtain an estimate of patient costs for professional medical service
  • Access reimbursement schedules and other pricing documents
  • View the status of all credentialing processes
  • Access helpful applications and forms

Register with Availity

Register for free access to the Availity Portal.

Billing services

Please select one of the following options to register:

  1. The provider who uses the billing services registers and assigns access (this is the easiest and fastest way to register):
    1. A provider registers with Availity
    2. Provider assigns Primary Access Administrator (PAA) or PAA Assistant access to the billing service manager
    3. The billing service adds their staff as users
  2. Billing service registers and provider signs agreement:
    1. The billing service registers with Availity for the provider(s) they submit claims for
    2. Availity sends an agreement to the provider to sign and return. Note: This method takes longer because signed paperwork must be returned to Availity

Payer Spaces

Once you have access to Availity, navigate to Payer Spaces from the top menu, then select Asuris.

Use Payer Spaces to access Asuris-specific applications and resources, including:


  • Care Gap Management Application
  • Medicare Quality Incentive Program information
  • Onboarding Tracker
  • Provider Reports - for your Organization


  • Out-of-network Referral Request
  • Peer-to-Peer Request Form
  • Pharmacy – CoverMyMeds and TransactRx
  • Provider Search
  • Reimbursement Schedules for DME
  • Research Procedure Code Edits (Clear Claim ConnectionTM)

Get help or training

Access help, training or outage information by:

  • Clicking the Help & Training link in the Availity Portal menu
  • Calling Availity Client Services: 1 (800) AVAILITY or 1 (800) 282-4548