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Your health is the most important asset you have. We understand you want to choose a Medicare carrier that has the knowledge, experience and tools to help you stay healthy. We offer excellent customer service and a wide selection of plan options so you can find the plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Why choose a Medicare Advantage plan offered by Asuris? As a member, you'll appreciate these features.

  • Low or no monthly plan premium
  • $0 prescription drug deductibles available
  • Coverage beyond Original Medicare that may include an annual physical exam, routine eye exam, routine vision hardware, preventive dental, routine hearing exam and a hearing aid benefit
  • Preventive dental included, and comprehensive dental available for an addition premium (PPO only)
  • The Silver&Fit® program–Access to more than 13,000 participating fitness center and YMCA locations across the country, or enroll into the Home Fitness Program.* Find a location near you.**
  • Asuris advice24 has licensed nurses available 24/7 to answer health questions, assess symptoms and recommend care*
  • Worldwide urgent and emergency coverge when you travel

*Available with our Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.

**Not all YMCAs participate in the network. Please check the searchable directory on the Silver&Fit website to see if your location participates in the program

Last updated 10/01/2018