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Need a doctor, dentist or therapist close to home or work? Or a clinic while traveling? Find what you need nearby in your Asuris online account or the app. And when you choose in-network providers and facilities in your plan’s network, you’ll save money.

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Member benefits

As an Asuris member, you have access to more comparison tools to help you save money and make smarter health care decisions. Our search engine even shows which providers and facilities in your plan offer the best coverage (Category 1).

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Customize your search

Explore by provider name, specialty or type. Filter by gender, language, accepting new patients, ethnicity, area of focus and virtual or in-person care. Update your location to find care near your home, workplace or wherever you are.

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Estimate costs

Get a sense of what your out-of-pocket costs would be for common treatments, procedures and services based on your benefits—insights helpful for making the right financial decisions.

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Read and submit reviews

View patient comments about providers, including opinions around quality of care, communication skills, wait times and more. Check provider quality ratings and even submit a review about your own experience.

Stay in network and save money

By getting care from providers and facilities in your network, you’ll save money and avoid surprise bills.

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Need help finding doctors near you or have questions about getting care? Sign in and chat online, or call us at the number on the back of your member ID card. Not a member? Our Customer Service team can help.

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