Tools for members

Tools for members

Empower your clients and engage members while promoting better overall health. When members register on, they'll also have access to their claims, benefits and EOB statements.

Find a Doctor illustration

Finding doctors

Use Find a doctor to find a doctor, hospital, pharmacy or other provider near you, and get accurate results quickly and easily. Find out if a provider is in-network to reduce costs and get the best coverage possible.

Mobile device illustration

Mobile app

Checking claims, accessing member ID cards and looking for doctors is fast and convenient with the Asuris mobile app. Now available for iPhone and Android.

Prescriptions and medication

Asuris pharmacy services bring your employees extensive and cost-effective assistance:

  • Pharmacy benefit management services connect employees to a network of more than 65,000 U.S. pharmacies, as well as claims processing and educational tools.
  • Home delivery programs enable members to receive drugs through the mail at the location of their choice, which can increase adherence and reduce costs.
  • Our specialty pharmacy program gives members on a specialty medication extra support to help them stay on their treatment plan and foster better health.

Coverage while traveling

Asuris offers members nationwide service through national network provider Multiplan. Members will receive the same level of service as they do in the local Asuris service area.

Advantages discounts

Asuris members receive discounts on a variety of health-related products and services through Asuris Advantages. Offers may include savings on vision and hearing care, gym memberships, weight loss programs, dental products and other resources.

Cost estimator

Employees can use the cost estimator tool to learn more about a medical treatment or procedure and its cost. They can find and compare treatment options, facilities and providers. Learn why networks matter to medical costs.