We're here to support you and our members

Thank you for your tireless efforts to care for our members and the people in our communities during this global pandemic. Our employees continue to work remotely and remain highly focused on planning and readiness to ensure we provide seamless service to you, our members and customers.

We will continue to update this section of our website to make sure you have the latest information about how we are supporting you and our members during this time.

  • COVID-19 testing: Our COVID-19 Testing FAQ can help you answer your patients’ questions about COVID-19 testing.
  • Behavioral health providersWatch this video to learn tips to improve your telebehavioral health visits.
  • COVID-19 vaccines: Our COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit can help you prepare to administer the vaccines and answer your patients’ questions.

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Telehealth visits

Everything you need to know to see your patients by phone or video

Caring for our members

Coverage for COVID-19 treatment, adjustments to pre-authorization and our quality and incentive programs

Testing and treatment

COVID-19 specimen collection, testing, treatment and claims submission


Vaccines, early refills and extended day supply

Claims payment

Credentialing providers

State health department contacts

Financial resources for providers during COVID-19

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