Review our medical, vision and dental products or learn more about self-funded groups.


Learn more about the features and benefits of our commercial (group and Individual) products and the provider networks they use. Our commercial products include:

  • Classic
  • Group Metallic
  • HSA Healthplans
  • Individual Metallic
  • Embark and Vantage


Learn more about our Medicare products including:

  • Asuris Pledge Medigap
  • Medicare Advantage PPO
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans


  • Enhance includes benefits for preventive and diagnostic services, as well as restorative and major services.
  • Enhance Rewards includes the same benefits as Enhance, plus a rewards component.
  • Enhance Active includes the same benefits as Enhance plus an out-of-network benefit dental which is at a higher member coinsurance percentage.

Asuris TruAdvantage

Asuris TruAdvantage is our Medicare Advantage (MA) product available to eligible Medicare beneficiaries.

Learn more about these dental products and benefits.

Vision Service Plan

We partner with Vision Service Plan® (VSP) for routine vision examinations and eye wear for our group, individual and Medicare Advantage products, including the pediatric vision benefit on our Affordable Care Act (ACA) metallic medical products.

Learn how to identify members, submit vision claims or contract with VSP.

Administrative services only

Self-funded groups establish their own benefits and we are their third-party administrator that provides administrative services for their benefit plans. Self-funded groups customize their plans and may not be subject to Asuris administrative guidelines. We have a dedicated service center that administers benefits for all self-funded groups. Our medical management programs may or may not include ASO members.

View important information about administrative services only (ASO) for self-funded groups.


TriWest administers the contract by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for their VA Patient-Centered Community Care (VAPC3) program. This program serves nearly half of the veterans eligible for care in the United States. The VAPC3 contract enhances access to health care services for veterans by making a quality provider network available close to the veteran's home. This contract ensures veterans receive coordinated, high quality care in their community when the VA refers behavioral health and specialty care to the network.

Learn more about the TriWest Health Alliance and their Veterans Affairs Patient-Centered Community Care program.

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