Thinking about growing your family?

When you're ready to take the next big leap in life, Asuris is here to help.

Whether you've just started thinking about having a baby or know you're ready now, a few simple steps can help you get ready.

Find a doctor

Use our Find a doctor tool to locate the in-network OB/GYN who's right for you.

Connect with fertility resources

Trouble conceiving is not uncommon. Talk to your doctor about fertility treatments, and call us for information on what's covered by your plan.

As an Asuris member, you can save on fertility services through WINFertility with our Advantages program. 

Expecting a little one?

Now that you are pregnant, it's time to reap all the benefits of your Asuris plan.

See your doctor or midwife

Call your OB/GYN or midwife as soon as you know you're pregnant to begin your prenatal care.

Pick a pediatrician

Baby will need regular medical attention soon after birth. Use our Find a doctor tool to locate an in-network pediatrician.

Find out what's covered

Much of the care you'll need will be covered by your plan. Our preventive care list has info on free services when you see an in-network provider. Select "Pregnant women" from the dropdown menu.

Many breast pumps are also covered at 100 percent when purchased through an approved vendor. We can help you order yours, so contact us when you're ready.

Big ticket items to watch out for include ultrasounds, genetic testing and your hospital stay. Our Treatment cost estimator can let you prepare.

Remember that staying in network will help you save. Call us to confirm that all your providers, like labs and ultrasound facilities, are in network.

Use programs and tools

The following can help when you're expecting:

  • Case Management: Let us help you make sense of your plan and get needed care.
  • Text4Baby: Sign up for free tips on having a healthy pregnancy and caring for baby—right on your phone.
  • Bump2Baby*: Enroll online or call 1 (888) JOY-BABY (during business hours) to get help from a nurse tailored just for expectant moms.
  • Advice24*: Give us a call, day or night, with your nagging pregnancy questions or after baby arrives.
  • Advantages discounts: Save on products for baby proofing your home and more.

*Bump2Baby and Advice24 are not available on all plans. Call us to confirm that you can use them.

Welcoming a new child?

Baby is finally here! Whether you delivered or adopted baby, we'll help you get off to a great start.

Add baby to your plan within 30 days

If your health plan is through an employer, work with them to enroll baby in your plan. If you purchased your plan yourself, call us for help.

Plan for well-baby visits

Well-child visits are covered under baby's preventive care benefit, as are many vaccinations. View our preventive care list for details. Select "Children (0–17)" from the dropdown menu. Remember to see an in-network provider.

Get lactation help

If you're having trouble breastfeeding, a lactation consultant can help. Breastfeeding support and counseling is covered by your preventive care benefit when you see a licensed provider. Call us to learn more.

Find postpartum depression support

Depression screening is covered during wellness exams as part of your preventive care benefit. So if you're feeling down after baby comes, talk to your doctor right away. It could be postpartum depression.

For information on mental health services covered by your plan, including counseling and antidepressant medications, call us.

Get free birth control

Ready for family planning? Birth control is covered at 100 percent under most plans. Talk to your doctor about your options. And call us for information on which kinds are included in your plan.